Animals of Africa Online Slot Rating and reviews

The Animals of Africa slot machine delivers herds of species to your personal computer (PC), iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device with a realistic look that will satisfy lovers of games with a wildlife-themed theme, especially at the top mobile casinos. On top of the five reels and 20 paylines, you’ll also see icons representing playing cards, as well as a colorful wild symbol and a tree. As the reels turn, a scene of the sun sinking over the plains can be seen behind them, and a lively music with an African influence can be heard in the background.

It is possible to witness a maximum of ten different wild creatures over all five reels, which may result in big rewards of up to 8,000 times your original wager. The diverse array of wild animals can appear on their own or with two per symbol. Wild symbols during a round of free spins may grow to cover an entire reel and remain fixed in place as they trigger more spins.

Instructions for Playing the Slot Machine Titled “Animals of Africa”

At the best online slots casinos, you may wager anywhere from $0.20 to $25,000 every spin, which may seem like a limited range for big rollers. This brings the total bet across each of the 20 paylines to anywhere from 0.01 to 1.25, and in order to win, you need to have at least three matching symbols in a row. The paytable for the Animals of Africa slot game may be accessed by clicking the button labeled “3 tiny lines” on the game’s control panel. Here, you can learn how much money each individual symbol is worth.

If you are fortunate enough to land a wild symbol on an active payline, you will get a payout equal to one thousand times your original wager. If you get ten lions across all five reels, you’ll get a payout that is 250 times your original bet. In addition to being a simple game to install and play, this version is also available for mobile devices and comes with a variety of control settings, such as autoplay and turbo spins.

Features of the Slot Game Animals of Africa That Include Free Spins

If you get three or more of the tree symbols, you’ll be awarded 12 free spins. During this bonus round, the Animals of Africa slot machine will provide you with more winnings and include a few of new features that improve the gameplay. It is now much simpler to form winning combos because to the wild symbol, which may now span a whole reel whenever it appears.

Additionally, it remains still while the other reels continue to spin one more time. During the respin, if an additional wild symbol emerges on any of the three middle reels, it will also grow, remain in place, and activate a second round of the feature. The first wild is still in play, and if a third wild occurs, you receive a third respin. However, this time, all three middle reels will be packed with wilds, ensuring that several winning combos will be formed.

During the free spins, you’ll notice that animal symbols count as two of themselves. This is in contrast to the regular gameplay and the bonus round, where wild symbols always count as two animals whenever they contribute to a win.

The Animals of Africa Slots Game’s Highest Payouts, Average Returns, and Volatility

Wins may go as high as 8,000 times your entire stake, and if you play for 25 dollars every spin, you have the chance to win 200,000 dollars in total prizes. The Animals of Africa slot machine game has a high volatility, which means that it is possible to go through quite extended runs of losing spins before finally hitting a winning combination. However, the game’s average reward amounts tend to be greater as a result of this.

A return to players percentage of around 96.18 percent is approximately what we anticipate seeing in a game with a high degree of volatility.

Our rating for the Slot Machine: Animals of Africa

Although the experience is somewhat diminished by the use of regular playing card emblems, this game brings to life the gorgeous fauna that inhabits the African plains. The symbols are very realistic. You won’t always see enough similar creatures migrating across the reels to score a 10-of-a-kind jackpot, but you may still win if you land three identical animals on only the first two reels of the slot machine.

You have the greatest chance of winning the most valuable rewards during the free games, when you also have the ability to re-spin the reels and benefit from extended wilds. Play the Mega Moolah slot machine, which is also developed by Microgaming, if you want the chance to win a jackpot that is extremely big and is associated with a game that has a similar concept. It has a progressive jackpot that has the potential to reach millions of dollars.

Playing the Animals of Africa slot machine at one of the top online casinos that is compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile devices will allow you to interact with a variety of exotic animals. When you sign up with one of our recommended online casinos, you’ll be eligible for some of the most generous casino bonuses available.

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