When it comes to traditional, Vegas-style slots, Fancy Fruits is a five-reel, five-payline slot from Gamomat that hits all the right notes (formerly known as Bally Wulff). It makes an effort to transfer the fruit machines of old into the current world by using traditional fruits and seven different symbols.

It is controversial whether or not this slot succeeds in attracting new players despite the fact that it is devoid of any additional features (aside from the gamble alternatives). But it’s an endearing slot, with a visually appealing design and a competitive return-to-player %, so keep playing.

Granted, this is not a game for the seasoned pro player, but those who are new to the world of slots may find the straightforward Fancy Fruits slot to be appealing.

Learn how to play the Fancy Fruits video slot machine.

The design of Fancy Fruits couldn’t be much more straightforward in terms of layout (and indeed, gameplay). Those who have even a rudimentary understanding of the history of slot machines will find the symbols in this game to be extremely familiar. The reels are crammed with traditional fruit symbols, with a few 7s tossed in for good measure to complete the retro look (bars are the only thing missing).

With just five paylines, there isn’t much to this slot; there are no wild symbols, no scatter symbols, just the bare essentials in the form of symbols and paylines. The game’s music is a bouncy, 8-bit style melody that plays every time the reels are spun by the player.

That’s all there is to it. Thank you. There are no frills and whistles, just a plain slot game that is ideal for those who want to go back to the fundamentals, or for those who are just starting out on their slot game adventure.

Players have the option of spinning the reels manually or using the auto mode, with stakes ranging from $0.05 to $10. Fancy Fruits does not include an autospin feature, which is common in most slots. Instead, you must manually choose the amount of spins you want to play. The mechanism begins when a player clicks on it and ends when a player clicks on it a second time.

Low rollers may not be especially interested in the overall vibe of this slot, but the extremely volatile nature of Fancy Fruits should appeal to high rollers, even if the slot’s fairly simple appearance and restricted number of paylines don’t appeal to low rollers as much.

How to Win at the Fancy Fruits Slot Machine

A single combination of symbols across one of five paylines is all that is required to win at the Fancy Fruit slot machine game. The largest jackpot is won by scoring five 7 symbols on any payline, which results in a payout of 1,000 times the wager and a maximum win of $10,000. Players will only be able to win this amount if they stake the maximum amount of money on the game.

There are no additional methods to win, wild symbols do not assist in forming winning combinations, there is no free spins feature, there is no progressive jackpot, there is absolutely nothing to win. Players either get a winning combination or they don’t get a winning combination.

As a result of the excessively complicated structure of many slots, players may appreciate the opportunity to try something relatively basic every now and again, and Fancy Fruits surely provides that opportunity.

How Do the Winnings from Fancy Fruits Compare to Winnings from Other Slot Games?

The greatest jackpot in Fancy Fruits isn’t horrible, but at 1,000x the stake with a maximum wager of $10, it isn’t very impressive either. When compared to another classic slot, EGT’s 100 Burning Hot, which has a top win of 10,000x the stake and a progressive jackpot, Fancy Fruits fails to keep up with the rest of the pack.

Bonuses for the Fancy Fruits slot machine

Normally, here would be the section where we would go through all of the numerous bonuses available in a slot, as well as how to activate and/or win them all. Unfortunately, Fancy Fruits does not have anything to offer in that category at this point.

There is just one method to win, and that is to match symbols on a payline in any order. Then there’s a gamble option; in fact, there are two of them, so you may either double your winnings or lose everything if you get lucky.

These gambling alternatives, on the other hand, just serve to attract even more attention to the fact that the remainder of the game has very few things to offer.

Free Fancy Fruits Slot Machine Games to Play Online

When a game’s gameplay choices are so severely restricted, it might be difficult to determine whether or not there is any value in continuing to play. Fancy Fruits may seem to be a game to avoid at first glance, but with a high return to player (RTP) and volatility, it may prove to be more engaging than initial impressions suggest.

Playing free online slots is the most effective technique to address these concerns without putting any money at risk. This allows gamers the opportunity to acquire a feel for the machine, learn how it operates, and choose whether or not real money slot gambling is something they are interested in.

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